Booking Summer Travel Early – What You Should Know

Aruba – Are you dreaming of sitting on a warm beach, even though you’re currently counting how many layers it will take to keep you warm? Make those dreams a reality by booking summer vacations now, says Aruba Vacation Rentals expert Matthew Smillie.

“The obvious advantage to booking travel early is being able to spread the cost of your travel over several months,” says Smillie, whose company, Aruba Villa Vacation Homes, offers luxury vacation rentals.

Industry experts agree that to get the best deals, travel should usually be booked about three months in advance.

Planning early allows you to take advantage of airlines’ early booking prices, and allows you to fly on the best travel days. It may sound clich’e, but there really are better days to travel than others, according to industry experts. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are typically the cheapest days to fly. And the best day and time to book your airfare is Tuesday around 3 p.m. Eastern time. Lower fare airlines announce their sale prices on Tuesday mornings, and by Tuesday afternoons, the other airlines have typically gotten around to matching, or trying to match, those lower prices. But don’t worry if you can’t book right then – sales are usually good for 72 hours.

Beginning your planning early also gives you time to monitor airfare pricing before purchasing. You can watch the trends, and at the first sign of low prices, purchase your tickets. You’ll be better able to recognize a good deal when you see it. If you wait too long, you won’t have the ability to shop around.

Early planning also gives you more time to discover the best options for accommodations in the area where you are traveling. Finding a Beach Villa in Aruba rather than a hotel may save you money. Homes give you the advantage of having a kitchen to cook meals, rather than having to eat out for every meal. Planning your summer travel now gives you plenty of time to investigate home rentals in the area you are traveling.

“Renting a vacation home can help you feel more relaxed while traveling,” says Smillie, whose company offers luxury Aruba accommodations. “Planning early allows you to choose the best location to stay at, then compare amenities, monitor pricing and be relaxed as you go into your vacation. People often spend so much time rushing around to make their travel plans; they enter their vacation already frazzled.”

Some early planning will also allow you time to consult with a travel agent. Even with the advantages Internet shopping affords us, travel agents are often still the best resource for getting the most out of a travel dollar, especially if you are planning a very detailed vacation. Travel agents make it their business to know all the ins and outs of travel – they’ll be aware of things like additional travel fees and they’ll pay attention to little things you may not think to look for, such as connecting flights. Travel options can sometimes be confusing, so let an expert help you navigate.

But perhaps the biggest benefit to planning and booking your family’s summer travel early is piece of mind.

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