Aruba – Many vacation homeowners are discovering that renting out their villas in Aruba can provide them with some much needed extra income in a down economy. Matthew Smillie, owner of Aruba Villa Vacations Homes shares tips on what to consider before offering your home as a vacation rental.

“The first thing I tell our clients is to think about what they want in a villa vacation rental,” says Smillie. “By ensuring your home has all the amenities you would want if you were traveling, you can be sure visitors renting your home will feel comfortable. Small things, like having Wi-Fi, fluffy towels and plenty of dishware go a long way to helping visitors feel at home, and like their investment in the rental home was worth it.”

Before renting your home, do any necessary repairs to ensure the home not only looks beautiful, but is safe and comfortable for potential renters, as well. If your vacation home is older, consider making upgrades to modernize the home. The more attractive your home is to potential renters, the more income you can generate. Amenities such as pools help renters realize the advantages of renting a private home versus booking a hotel room.

Take high quality photos of your home that properly showcase all of the amenities, from the front door all the way to the backyard. When travelers are looking for homes to rent, the homes with stunning photos stand out. Take the time to make your home look beautiful, from the inside out. The outside of the homes is the first glimpse a renter will get – be sure the home has been cleaned, landscaped and looks welcoming.

“Another important thing for homeowners to remember is to keep personal mementos to a minimum,” says Smillie, whose Aruba accommodation company matches travelers up with their ideal vacation rentals. “Travelers want to feel at home in the space they are staying in. Too much clutter from decorative items, or too many family photos and mementos might make travelers feel uncomfortable. Renters should be able to feel like the space is theirs for the time they are in the home – they should feel free to relax, with plenty of room for their belongings to be stored.”

Smillie also tells his clients that it is helpful for homeowners to leave behind books of information and instructions for their renters. Clearly explaining things, such as garbage pickup day, how to operate appliances, as well as supplying lists of important phone numbers for the area can be beneficial to the renters.

Sleeping areas are important for travelers looking for vacation rentals. For families or groups traveling together, they are looking for the most sleeping space possible. In homes with multiple bedrooms, consider placing two smaller sized beds, or even bunk beds, to allow for more visitors. In common areas, couches that fold out into beds are also beneficial. Be sure the sleeping spaces are maximized to allow comfort, as well as multiple guests to enjoy them.

“Keeping a well-stocked kitchen is essential to renting out a vacation home,” says Smillie. “One of the big advantages to renting a home is the ability to cook meals, thus avoiding having to eat out three meals a day. That can result in significant saving for travelers. But to make it easy for them, homeowners should keep their kitchens well stocked with plenty of cookware, flatware, glassware and dishes.”

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when renting out your vacation home, however, is how will renters find your home? Partnering with professionals, such as those at Aruba Villa Vacation Homes, can save you the headache of seeking out renters on your own. Experts will understand that your vacation home is also a great source of income for you, and will work to maximize that potential. They often have websites that travelers visit when looking for vacation homes, and can create a network of renters that continue to rent your home again and again.

A property management company can ensure your home is properly maintained, even when you aren’t there. They’ll ensure it is cleaned and inspected regularly, both before and after visitors rent it. The property management company will work directly with the renters, and in many cases the homeowners don’t have to do anything – they management company will direct all communications and handle all payments from the renting party. This allows the homeowners to simply reap the benefits of a vacation home rental.

To learn more about how to rent your vacation home, or to find the perfect Aruba villa for your next vacation, call the experts at Aruba Villa Vacation Homes.

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Posted on Aug 20, 2013.