Aruba has established itself as the ultimate wedding and/or honeymoon destination. Being fully aware of its beauty, Aruba has climbed the international romance ladder all the way to the top. Recent popularity of TV-shows like ‘Say Yes to the Dress’, ‘Four Weddings’ and ‘Bridezilla’, have contributed to the idea of only planning the very best of the best for this once in a life time event.

Luckily, Aruba is more than prepared for enormous amount of lovely tourists who find their way on the white pristine beaches of Eagle Beach, Arashi and Palm Beach. Most Hotels on the island offer all-inclusive wedding packages for both you and your entourage. Might this seem a bit too ‘mediocre’, Aruba houses many talented wedding planners, off-beat locations, professional wedding photographers and original wedding ceremony possibilities.

Step away from the ever beautiful, but possibly crowdie Palm Beach, towards the south east side of Aruba to the beautiful waterfront town of Savaneta. Further away, but just as gorgeous two stunning top of the art restaurants find their home here. The Old Man and the Sea and The Flying Fishbone. Sitting in the sand, toes touching the water, both restaurants offer private views of the ocean, without uninvited guest camping their bikini bodies in your wedding photos. The Old Man and the Sea is owned by Osyth Vieira, an artist in her own right, she has made it her life mission to continually evolve her restaurant to the romantic spot it is. 30 years’ experience in planning weddings, she can be your contact person, planner and advisor on the ground. The restaurant is perfect for a vintage chic theme, with small lanterns, enlighten palm trees, art, boats, lounge chairs decorating the ultimate sunset view location.

The Flying Fishbone, right next door to The Old Man and the Sea, offers the ultimate toes in the sand/ feet in the ocean dining experience with the same stunning sunset. Planning a wedding abroad can proof to be difficult, but because of current communication possibilities and all-inclusive packages it all becomes easier and more convenient.

Posted on Oct 01, 2022.