Traveling from your villa vacation home gives you and any tourist the opportunity to try, taste and experience some of the Caribbean’s most exquisite restaurant gems. As we are all already familiar with multinational and reliable restaurants, like Benihana, Texas de Brazil and Tony Romas, the story behind some of the not so well known Aruba’s hidden gems differentiates Aruban cuisine from the other islands. All these stunning restaurants are close by other tourist attractions and our rentals, too.

Aruba is highly influenced by the American/European tourist flow, resulting in about half a million visitors a year staying in different villa rentals around the island. This might have resulted in the amount of fast food restaurants usually reserved for a metropolitan city, rather than a small Caribbean island. However, as Aruba is a melting pot of cultures and people permanently residing on the island or visiting their vacation rental, the island’s cuisine truly has something for everyone’s liking.

Take Papiamento Restaurant, for example. Located off the beaten path but still close to the many vacation rentals, it resides in an original Aruba Villa called a ‘Cunucu’ that is nearly 125 years old. This beautiful family owned restaurant was started back in 1983 by Eduardo and Lenie Ellis. Their four children were raised in the Cunucu which became the restaurant, with eldest son Edward as the head chef; but do not be mistaken, Papa and Mama Ellis are still very much involved in the restaurants daily activities! You’ll be convinced when you walk into their beautiful outdoor patio, private and lush with a beautiful garden and resting next to a soothing pool.

For Italian lovers, how about the Italian La Trattoria el Faro Blanco restaurant? Just minutes away from Palm Beach and the many vacation rentals located there, this place is right next to the California Lighthouse and promises stunning views over the island. Back in the day this ´house´ used to be the dwelling of the lighthouse keeper and is now the home of many weddings and other celebrations.

Steak lovers must try El Gaucho located in Oranjestad. This restaurant is one of the first Argentinian restaurants opened in Aruba in 1977. Best known for the tender full flavored steaks like Sirloin, Rib eye, T-bone, Tenderloin, Beef short ribs and the famous Gaucho Steak/ Churrasco Argentino. The waiters will help you choose one of their exclusive Argentine wines for each dish.

Award winning Madame Janette Restaurant with two Gold Medals and Restaurant of the Year Awards from Les Amis d’Escoffier. Creative dishes from all around the word offering seafood and Madam Janette Signature Steaks and Meats.

Sea food favorites Salmon a la Florentine, Shrimp Casserole “Du Chef”, The original “Almond Grouper”, Jumbo Shrimps “ Coco di Rasta” Steak favorites The Prime Argentine Center Cut Tenderloin, Le Filet Mignon “Gianni Versace” Steak a la Mafia, The old Butcher Steak and lastly the Chefs Skirt steak.

Posted on Jul 13, 2022.