Aruba vacation and rental packages

Aruba - Travelers often research for extended periods of time before booking travel. But working with the experts at a vacation rental company can ensure all details of a vacation are well thought out before vacationers leave the comfort of their homes.

"Planning your perfect vacation doesn't have to be stressful," says Michael Smillie, owner of Aruba Villa Vacation Homes, a beach rental company. "Our company can help vacationers not only find their perfect place to stay during their vacations in Aruba, but we can also help plan all of the details of the trip."

Traveling to someplace you've never been, especially if it's out of the country, can lead to anxiety about making sure you've remembered all the details. How will you get to and from the airport? How will you rent a car during your stay? Who can help you book spa treatments, tours or other excursions during your trip?

All these can be solved by working with a local company like Aruba Villa Vacation Homes. Not only does the company offer luxury vacation rentals in Aruba, but they offer tailor-made packages to make your vacation perfect.

When planning your travel, map out your vision for the vacation. Once you have an idea of the places you'd like to visit and where you'd like to stay, a vacation rental company will be able to help you make those dreams a reality.

Working with a travel or rental company can take the guessing out of travel for you, and make you feel at ease before you jet off to paradise. No matter how big or small your requests, a reputable travel company will be able to accommodate you.

Arrange airport transportation with the travel company beforehand. They can arrange a taxi, car or limo to meet you and your family and deliver you directly to your accommodation. This can be especially helpful if you are planning an extended vacation or have several members in your party and have many pieces of luggage.

If you are planning a vacation somewhere that will require the use of a car to get around, your vacation experts can recommend preferred suppliers and book a car for you. The vacation company you use will most likely have contacts they use regularly and can arrange to have the car delivered directly to you at your rental home or have it waiting for you upon your arrival.

"Another advantage to using a company like ours is that we will meet you when you arrive at your vacation rental," says Smillie, whose company offers beachfront villas in Aruba. "If you rent a vacation home or condo, it is helpful to have someone meet you to show you the ins and outs. The expert who meets you can explain local culture and help familiarize you with your rental home."

Renting a vacation home can save travelers money because they have the advantage of having a kitchen and therefor won't need to eat out every meal. But knowing where the grocery stores are and arranging transportation to them might be difficult. A travel company can assist travelers by having kitchens fully stocked when guests arrive.

Travel experts will also know what tours and activities are the best for visitors. In many cases, they will have established relationships with many suppliers, which can lead to discounts for travelers. But most importantly, the experts can recommend can't-miss activities that will make your vacation world class. They can even arrange spa appointments and schedule rounds of golf to make your vacation complete.

Perhaps the greatest advantage to using the knowledge of a travel expert is the peace of mind it can bring you. Booking accommodations, arranging airport travel and scheduling excursions and activities take the guessing out of the traveling game. And renting a vacation home will allow you the comforts of home, even when traveling outside of the country.

To learn more about what type of vacation is awaiting you, call the experts at Aruba Villa Vacation Homes today.

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Posted on Feb 25, 2013.