While Aruba is known for its paradise features: white-sand beaches, cooling trade winds and warm, friendly people, it has an additional appeal in the sense of business and investment possibilities. As part of the Royal Kingdom of the Netherlands, Aruba offers investors the added value essential for international business investments; Political stability, sound legal system and cooperative with the Royal Kingdom embassies all over the world.

Our beautiful island is currently working very hard to position itself by the governments vision. Meaning; Aruba is the knowledge and sustainability hub between Europe, the Americas and the Caribbean. However, Aruba’s favorable position has not gone unnoticed and has already attracted attention from global investors. Moreover, Aruba has also a favorable geographical and strategic location regarding international routes. Seaport is well equipped, airport has excellent connections to Europe the US and Latin America, with new flying routes directly to Sao Paulo, Brazil. Aruba has a multilingual workforce with knowledge of the 3 different dominant cultures with one of the best qualities of life in the region.

Investing in Aruba is therefore not only wise with financial prosperity, it is secured and safe. Investing can be starting a business, or as simple as buying a home. Purchasing a home in Aruba means many fun years in your own paradise property, heritage for the children and an extra monthly income. Aruba Villa Vacation Homes offers property management, meaning you can leave your villa in our care when you are back home, while we make sure your home can be rented an ideal vacation rental for tourists.

Feel a bit weary or insecure about investing in a second home? Maybe these fact will help:

  1. There are no legal restrictions on property ownership. The only requirements are a valid ID and evidence of financial resources.

  2. Aruba enjoys strong political relations with the USA which has allowed for complete US immigration and US customers pre-clearance.

  3. Homeowners can receive a permanent residence permit as Retiree with evidence that one can sustain themselves financially.

  4. Our official language is Papiamento (native creole language). Our business language is English. Our legal language is Dutch, and oh.. Yeah, we also speak Spanish.

Posted on Sep 17, 2022.