Nightlife in Aruba is something many have never experienced. A shame. While some would say that nightlife in Aruba is comparable to nightlife in other Caribbean islands, why not take a different approach? The Palm Beach and Oranjestad areas are the places to be when you want to make sure you’ll have some crazy stories to tell back home. It is very safe, which is already the biggest difference between Aruba and neighboring islands. From party buses, casinos, traditional bars and various clubs Aruba truly is an entertaining island for all its visitors.

While Palm Beach offers some of the best new and trendy restaurants, bars and clubs, Oranjestad has the key to history and tradition. One of these traditional bars is the Paddock, right off the harbor. The Paddock has the perfect view of the gigantic cruise ships docking in the Aruban harbor. The colorful building, painted in white with black cow spots has both an old car and a cow on the roof. This building highlights Aruba’s past and strong connection with The Netherlands. Started 15 years ago, this traditional ‘Dutch’ bar is not like any other bar on the island. The relaxing atmosphere, great service, the outstanding kitchen serving Dutch savory snacks like the famous croquette, ‘bitterbal’ or ‘frikadel’ is what differentiates this bar and restaurant from the next.

Do not want to be restricted to one place or area, but rather discover an Aruba beyond the popular sights? Step on up the Kukoo Kunuku Paranda Bus. This fun brightly painted old school bus has 2 different tours, the most popular one being the Dinner & Nightlife tour. The Kukoo Crew will pick you up at their hotel between 5 and 6.30pm, after which the tour includes a champagne toast on the beach at sunset, dinner under the stars and 3 barhopping stops with 1 free drink on the house. The second tour is exactly the same, without the champagne toast and dinner. Kukoo Kunuku was founded in 1997 by Marcus Wiggins and Cindy Cynowa. The very first bus, an old chevy 1957 school bus wasn’t in the most reliable state, and many guests had to often help the driver push start the bus to get to the next bar. In 2000 the bus was finally retired and over the next 3 years Kukoo added a fleet of five Kukoo Kunukus. This party bus is for all ages, since most of the guests of Kukoo Kunuku come from all over the world and are both young (minimum age of 18) and old (1 honeymoon couple totaled an age of 180 years- she was 92 and he was 88). Their slogan is, appropriately: “The perfect way for the old and the reckless and the young and the restless to spend an evening in Paradise”.

Posted on Nov 04, 2022.