Aruba might only be 20 miles long and 6 miles wide, but this small Caribbean island still has a lot to explore. Apart from the swimming, snorkeling, diving and waterskiing, there are many secret spots left to discover inlands as well.

Stray away from the island’s beautiful, pristine and idyllic north-side, and head down south with a bus, jeep, quad or rental car, either in a group or alone. The possibilities are endless. Some of Aruba’s most beautiful sights are the Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins, The Natural Pool, Casibari Rock Formations and beautiful beaches including Wariruri and Andicuri. All sites except Casibari Rock Formation can be found at Aruba’s National Park. Comprising almost 20% of the island you will enjoy rugged terrain, desert-like hills filled with tall cacti and breathtaking coastline views and protected flora and fauna.

Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins was built in 1874 by an English gold mining company, more than 50 years after the Aruban gold rush had started back in 1824 by a 12-year old boy Willem Rasmijn. While first two Dutch companies, an English company and then an American company owned the complete rights of the gold mining on the island, it was returned to another English company in 1872 who decided to build the Gold Mine. Unfortunately the gold rush did not last forever, and by the time an Aruban Company finally owned the complete rights to their gold, the rush ended in 1916 and was never started again.

Close to the ruins is Wariruri Beach, and close to The Natural Pool is Andicuri beach. These sand cove beaches attract local surfers, body boarders as well as fisherman who cast their lines from the bordering cliffs.

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Posted on Nov 21, 2022.