Tourism has long been one of Aruba’s main and most profitable industries, bringing new faces to the pristine shores as well as a vital financial boost to the economy. The service industry benefits from this vibrant tourism trade as does the real estate market as visitors are increasingly choosing vacation rental homes, apartments and villas over a more traditional hotel experience.

The trends of Aruba vacation rentals show that tourists are shifting their interests from hotels to the more intimate, private and independent experience of renting a vacation property. In recent years tourists have begun to flock to vacation rentals as they have become increasingly common in Aruba and around the rest of the world. Those vacationing independently, with a small group or with their families can find a rental property that fits their needs, desires and- most importantly- their budget.

Aruba is currently experiencing a 30% growth in the vacation rental industry which excites not only tourists, but local real estate agencies and vacation rental owners as well. Tourists are able to take advantage of a furnished, local property with enough Aruban character to give their vacations a new and exciting tint; far removed from the bland, if comfortable, hotel experience. This symbiotic relationship benefits locals and visitors alike.

Tourists enjoy Aruba vacation rentals because they are able to personalize their vacation. With the many real estate websites and agencies working on Aruba they can search and pick the vacation rental that fits their specifications easily in the location and price range they want. Visitors are then able to take advantage of the amenities offered by their vacation rental (be it direct beach access, a private pool or Jacuzzi, and enough space to roam and play) without having to share it with strangers at a hotel.

Aruba vacation rentals are often cheaper than their hotel counterparts because tourists are able to cook and clean for themselves. While this may not sound like a benefit, people do enjoy being able to stay in and enjoy those they are vacationing with rather than eat out night after night or have to provide constant entertainment from the confines of a hotel room.

As the vacation rental business continues to grow Aruba will see not only an influx of visitors, but an increasing array of properties available to rent that will impress anyone looking for a unique and original way to make their vacation special. The trends in Aruba vacation rentals will benefit those who offer apartments, homes, villas and condos for rent to tourists.

This is certainly a great time for anyone who has a vacation rental on the market as well as for those looking to spend their vacation living in a beautiful Aruba vacation rental on this stunning Caribbean island!

Posted on Mar 30, 2022.