Aruba - Travelers looking to plan their perfect summer vacations are inundated with travel options - from places to visit, to places to stay, to where to eat. How do travelers navigate the waters to determine the best options for them? Here, Aruba travel experts explain why visitors should rent a home when planning their next beach vacation to Aruba.

One of the most obvious advantages to booking a rental property is that travelers will be able to feel like they are at home. As opposed to a hotel, a rental home or condo will have all the accommodations travelers are used to in their own homes, such as kitchens, laundry facilities and sometimes even private pools. Travelers can enjoy exploring their exotic surroundings, but come back to a place that lets them settle in just as if they were home.

"We recommend that travelers rent a beach villa or other home if they are looking for more privacy and comfort," says Matthew Smillie, owner of Aruba Villa Vacation Homes and a travel expert. "The options are almost endless, and there is sure to be something for every type of traveler in every price point. From romantic cottages for the honeymooning couple to a large villa for the family to a gated home on a golf course, the perfect home is out there."

Renting a home also allows travelers to save money. Not only do rental homes tend to be less expensive than hotels, homes and condos will come equipped with kitchens. That means vacationers can save money by cooking their own meals rather than eating out every meal during their stay. And with companies like Aruba Villa Vacation Homes, travelers can even request to have their kitchens stocked with groceries upon their arrival.

Another great advantage to booking an Aruba beach house or condo during your next vacation is the added space a home affords. With a hotel room, visitors are confined to a small space. However with a home, visitors and their families have the ability to spread out. Vacation homes make traveling as a family or large group of friends much easier because while everyone has their own space, everyone will have the opportunity to be in one centralized location.

Rental villas also afford visitors more privacy than a hotel would. Travelers have the advantage of being the only residents in their rental, whereas during a hotel stay, vacationers can't control the noise level of guests on either side of them. Renters can have a quiet and peaceful vacation, without being worried about being disturbed by cleaning crews or other guests. Many rental homes are even equipped with a private pool, which means guests will have the ability to enjoy the sun without being disrupted.

"Our renters know that during their stay, we are focused on their happiness," says Smillie Aruba rental homes expert. "We offer personal services that many large hotels simply can't offer. We can arrange to have your beach villa set up exactly as you want it upon your arrival, right down to a fully stocked pantry loaded with your family's favorite foods. And someone from our staff is always on call, ensuring you can be helped with any issue that should arise as quickly as possible."

Discover what savvy vacationers are learning - booking a vacation home can offer all the comforts of home, at an affordable price and with all the amenities and privacy you deserve.

Posted on May 15, 2019.