Investing in Aruba: Your Many Possibilities

While Aruba is known for its paradise features: white-sand beaches, cooling trade winds and warm, friendly people, it has an additional appeal in the sense of business and investment possibilities. As part of the Royal Kingdom of the Netherlands, Aruba offers investors the added value essential for international business investments; Political stability, sound legal system and cooperative with the Royal Kingdom embassies all over the world.

Our beautiful island is currently working very hard to position itself by the governments vision. Meaning; Aruba is the knowledge and sustainability hub between Europe, the Americas and the Caribbean. However, Aruba’s favorable position has not gone unnoticed and has already attracted attention from global investors. Moreover, Aruba has also a favorable geographical and strategic location regarding international routes. Seaport is well equipped, airport has excellent connections to Europe the US and Latin America, with new flying routes directly to Sao Paulo, Brazil. Aruba has a multilingual workforce with knowledge of the 3 different dominant cultures with one of the best qualities of life in the region.

Investing in Aruba is therefore not only wise with financial prosperity, it is secured and safe. Investing can be starting a business, or as simple as buying a home. Purchasing a home in Aruba means many fun years in your own paradise property, heritage for the children and an extra monthly income. Aruba Villa Vacation Homes offers property management, meaning you can leave your villa in our care when you are back home, while we make sure your home can be rented an ideal vacation rental for tourists.

Feel a bit weary or insecure about investing in a second home? Maybe these fact will help:

1. There are no legal restrictions on property ownership. The only requirements are a valid ID and evidence of financial resources.

2. Aruba enjoys strong political relations with the USA which has allowed for complete US immigration and US customers pre-clearance.

3. Homeowners can receive a permanent residence permit as Retiree with evidence that one can sustain themselves financially.

4. Our official language is Papiamento (native creole language). Our business language is English. Our legal language is Dutch, and oh.. Yeah, we also speak Spanish.

Discover Aruba’s Relaxing Beach Bars

Aruba is one of the most beautiful Caribbean islands with pristine white beaches, crystal clear skies and turquoise waters. For most visitors to the island this is the ultimate holiday feeling. Some of Aruba’s beach bars are very popular and all give you the opportunity to spend a whole day relaxing with beautiful views.

On the famous Palm Beach strip you will find one of the most relaxing beach bars in Aruba. On the Palm Pier, right between Riu Palace Hotel and Radisson Aruba Resort. With a stunning 360 ˚ view of the clear blue Aruban waters, Bugaloe Beach Bar & Grill is already a popular hang-out spot for tourists and locals. Perfectly situated on Palm Beach, it’s rustic and relaxing ambiance attracts the vast returning guest from North-America, Canada and Europeans. Bugaloe Beach Bar & Grill has a variety of offerings that keeps guests – from the food to the vibrancy of the entertainment – very satisfied. For five nights a week, Bugaloe is host to some of the best live bands of Aruba that play while guests are savoring dinner and enjoying the beautiful Aruba Sunset!

Continue walking north along the pristine white sandy beach of Palm Beach towars the Aruba Marriott Resort & Casino. Right next to the Holiday Inn you will see one gigantic palapa overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Moomba Beach is a laid back beach bar featuring a myriad of tropical cocktails, cold drinks, beer and wine. Separated in two different area’s: Bar side and Restaurant, the latter is a great option for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Moomba Beach offers an array of tempting choices. At night, this is a perfect spot to watch the beautiful sunset, which attract many tourists trying to catch the rapidly setting sun.

Ready to step away from the bustling and ever popular Palm Beach area? Take a taxi or rental car towards the Southside of the island. From downtown Oranjestad, pass the Airport and follow the signs of Aruba Ville. The latest addition to Aruba’s ‘beach’ bars actually overlooks the beautiful lagoon. Open from lunch to dinner, Aruba Ville is created to be a small village with lounge chairs, hammocks and a reading area all overlooking the water. Head upstairs to the panoramic deck, perfect to romantically experience Aruba’s famous sunset. What sets this ‘beach’ bar/restaurant apart from the rest? You are actually able to rent boats on the Aruba Ville pier for a romantic and private sail along the lagoon.

Aruba Villa Vacation Homes tells you what to do in Oranjestad

When staying in a villa vacation home on Aruba every tourist will go and visit the capital city of Oranjestad. Most people go to the capital city for the malls filled with boutiques, shops and casinos. Downtown Oranjestad and Seaport Village are the major shopping areas; however, Oranjestad also offers many other interesting sights and activities for everyone to enjoy.

The capital city of Aruba is named after the Dutch royal house of Oranje and has been the island’s capital since 1797. Aruba’s charming capital is best explored on foot- every street shows a little bit of Aruba’s Dutch history, from traditional architecture and hints of Spanish influence around every corner. Different historical buildings are currently under construction to make sure these parts of Aruban history will still exist in the future.

One very interesting building open for sightseeing in Oranjestad is the old military fortification, Fort Zoutman, and the accompanying museum located in this exquisite 18th-century building. Museo Arubano gives a very clear look into Aruba during the colonial periods and the pre- European era. The museum was established in 1983 right after the Aruban government completed the restoration of the Fort Zoutman building. This sightseeing opportunity is definitely worth taking for everyone who wants to know more about Aruban history.

Fort Zoutman is also the location for the Bon Bini Festival. This Aruban festival is specially set up for visitors of Aruba. During this festival, which takes place every Tuesday evening, there will be Arubans performing and dancing. This certainly is an activity that gives a good overview of the culture and history of this beautiful island in a fun way.

Next to the historical sightseeing Oranjestad also recently has its own tram line installed. The tram has officially operated since February 2013 and really is a plus for the city’s sightseeing and attractions list. When arriving to Aruba on a cruise boat it is not to be missed. The new tram begins at the cruise terminal and moves into town along the newly decorated main street which gives visitors a good idea of what Oranjestad has to offer. The tramline is mainly built to optimize the service for the tourists that come from the cruise boats. By using the tram they will enjoy the sights of Oranjestad in a very comfortable and exciting way.

The Aruban government also built the tramline to show that Aruba is getting greener. The tram is running on solar power, which means it is eco friendly and shows that Aruba is working on protecting the eco system. Furthermore, the tram will ease the traffic through the city since shoppers can now park outside of Oranjestad and use the tram to enter the shopping area.

The tram stops at six stations that all include historical monuments or museums. One of these stops is close to the Fort Zoutman tower. From now on, visiting Oranjestad will be easier and more fun since it is possible to combine the modern sightseeing’s with the historical sightseeing’s all together in one day.

Aruba Villa Vacation Homes Restaurant Tips

Traveling from your villa vacation home gives you and any tourist the opportunity to try, taste and experience some of the Caribbean’s most exquisite restaurant gems. As we are all already familiar with multinational and reliable restaurants, like Benihana, Texas de Brazil and Tony Romas, the story behind some of the not so well known Aruba’s hidden gems differentiates Aruban cuisine from the other islands. All these stunning restaurants are close by other tourist attractions and our rentals, too.

Aruba is highly influenced by the American/European tourist flow, resulting in about half a million visitors a year staying in different villa rentals around the island. This might have resulted in the amount of fast food restaurants usually reserved for a metropolitan city, rather than a small Caribbean island. However, as Aruba is a melting pot of cultures and people permanently residing on the island or visiting their vacation rental, the island’s cuisine truly has something for everyone’s liking.

Take Papiamento Restaurant, for example. Located off the beaten path but still close to the many vacation rentals, it resides in an original Aruba Villa called a ‘Cunucu’ that is nearly 125 years old. This beautiful family owned restaurant was started back in 1983 by Eduardo and Lenie Ellis. Their four children were raised in the Cunucu which became the restaurant, with eldest son Edward as the head chef; but do not be mistaken, Papa and Mama Ellis are still very much involved in the restaurants daily activities! You’ll be convinced when you walk into their beautiful outdoor patio, private and lush with a beautiful garden and resting next to a soothing pool.

For Italian lovers, how about the Italian La Trattoria el Faro Blanco restaurant? Just minutes away from Palm Beach and the many vacation rentals located there, this place is right next to the California Lighthouse and promises stunning views over the island. Back in the day this ´house´ used to be the dwelling of the lighthouse keeper and is now the home of many weddings and other celebrations.

Steak lovers must try El Gaucho located in Oranjestad. This restaurant is one of the first Argentinian restaurants opened in Aruba in 1977. Best known for the tender full flavored steaks like Sirloin, Rib eye, T-bone, Tenderloin, Beef short ribs and the famous Gaucho Steak/ Churrasco Argentino. The waiters will help you choose one of their exclusive Argentine wines for each dish.

Award winning Madame Janette Restaurant with two Gold Medals and Restaurant of the Year Awards from Les Amis d’Escoffier. Creative dishes from all around the word offering seafood and Madam Janette Signature Steaks and Meats.

Sea food favorites Salmon a la Florentine, Shrimp Casserole “Du Chef”, The original “Almond Grouper”, Jumbo Shrimps “ Coco di Rasta”
Steak favorites The Prime Argentine Center Cut Tenderloin, Le Filet Mignon “Gianni Versace” Steak a la Mafia, The old Butcher Steak and lastly the Chefs Skirt steak.

Things to do When You Visit Aruba

Your bags are packed, your reservations have been made, and you are on your way to stay at the perfect Aruban Villa to enjoy your vacation on the beach! If you have not already started making plans on what to do while you are in Aruba, here are just a few ideas to get you started.

First off, show up, get your keys, take a tour and settle into your Aruba vacation rental! Everyone has a different arrival plan, but if you have got enough energy to see a bit of the town check out one of Aruba’s fine restaurants- you will find everything from casual, family-friendly dining to upscale, five star restaurants with ocean view.
Once you have rested from your travels get up and start exploring the beautiful island of Aruba! Pack a snack and some water and head to Eagle Beach for a relaxing and fun day playing in the surf and soaking up the sun. If you are not in too much of a hurry to see everything on your first day, pack a lunch (and plenty of sunscreen) and watch the sun set over the beautiful Caribbean and enjoy a view you will never forget.

Head inland to explore the Arikok National Park and the interior mountains, which have amazing views of the entire island. If you are a diver you can explore the wreck of the SS Antilla, or stay on the surface and view the mesmerizing sea life of Malmok Reef.
For history buffs you can walk around the Archeological Museum of Aruba and see the remnants of European settlements all around the island. If you want more fun in the sun without heading back to the beach, a trip to the Tierra del Sol Golf Course may be right up your alley.
For more family-friendly fun head to the California Lighthouse which will have thrills and views for everyone to enjoy! There is also Phillip’s Animal Garden where kids (and adults) can hold reptiles and other animals to their hearts’ content.

Aruba is full of great restaurants to eat at, sites to visit and people to meet. At the end of the day you can come back to your very own Aruba villa and know that you made a great choice in picking this wonderful place for your vacation!

Trends in Aruba Vacation Rentals

Tourism has long been one of Aruba’s main and most profitable industries, bringing new faces to the pristine shores as well as a vital financial boost to the economy. The service industry benefits from this vibrant tourism trade as does the real estate market as visitors are increasingly choosing vacation rental homes, apartments and villas over a more traditional hotel experience.

The trends of Aruba vacation rentals show that tourists are shifting their interests from hotels to the more intimate, private and independent experience of renting a vacation property. In recent years tourists have begun to flock to vacation rentals as they have become increasingly common in Aruba and around the rest of the world. Those vacationing independently, with a small group or with their families can find a rental property that fits their needs, desires and- most importantly- their budget.

Aruba is currently experiencing a 30% growth in the vacation rental industry which excites not only tourists, but local real estate agencies and vacation rental owners as well. Tourists are able to take advantage of a furnished, local property with enough Aruban character to give their vacations a new and exciting tint; far removed from the bland, if comfortable, hotel experience. This symbiotic relationship benefits locals and visitors alike.

Tourists enjoy Aruba vacation rentals because they are able to personalize their vacation. With the many real estate websites and agencies working on Aruba they can search and pick the vacation rental that fits their specifications easily in the location and price range they want. Visitors are then able to take advantage of the amenities offered by their vacation rental (be it direct beach access, a private pool or Jacuzzi, and enough space to roam and play) without having to share it with strangers at a hotel.

Aruba vacation rentals are often cheaper than their hotel counterparts because tourists are able to cook and clean for themselves. While this may not sound like a benefit, people do enjoy being able to stay in and enjoy those they are vacationing with rather than eat out night after night or have to provide constant entertainment from the confines of a hotel room.

As the vacation rental business continues to grow Aruba will see not only an influx of visitors, but an increasing array of properties available to rent that will impress anyone looking for a unique and original way to make their vacation special. The trends in Aruba vacation rentals will benefit those who offer apartments, homes, villas and condos for rent to tourists.

This is certainly a great time for anyone who has a vacation rental on the market as well as for those looking to spend their vacation living in a beautiful Aruba vacation rental on this stunning Caribbean island!

Remember Traveler’s Insurance When Planning Your Next Aruba Vacation

Aruba – You’ve carefully planned your dream vacation. Your bags are packed and you’re about to jet off. But did you remember your traveler’s insurance?

“Often when we’re planning our vacations, we only want to think about the fun adventures we’re going to have,” says Matthew Smillie, owner of Aruba Villa Vacation Homes. “Very rarely do we want to think about what might happen should some type of accident occur while we are away. But it’s a smart investment to purchase insurance before leaving home.”

There are many different types of insurance to consider, says the Aruba vacation rental expert. There is flight and trip cancellation insurance, travel health insurance, baggage coverage and even medical evacuation insurance.

So why would you need each of these types of insurance? Smillie offers a few reasons:

  • Your flight is canceled.
  • Your bags are lost and you have prescription medication in it.
  • Your passport and wallet are stolen.
  • You’re involved in an accident
  • You’ve become ill and need to cancel your trip.
  • You experience a medical emergency while in a foreign country.
  • A terrorist event occurs in the city you’ve planned to visit and you want to cancel your trip.

“The bottom line is you simply can’t plan for these events,” says Smillie, who offers trip advice and vacation rentals. “Aruba Villa Vacation Homes always encourages our clients to be informed of their travel insurance options should an unforeseen event occur.”

Trip cancellation insurance can protect you should your flight or cruise gets canceled, or even if you get sick and have to cancel. It also covers you should the company you use go bankrupt.

Health insurance is very important for people traveling abroad. While in the United States, most health insurance plans will cover medical events or emergencies. Traveling to Aruba or another destination abroad, however, may require additional insurance. This medical insurance will ensure that you can be treated should a medical need arise, and will allow you to have prescriptions filled, if needed.

It’s also important to look into Medical Evaluation and Repatriation insurance. If you become seriously ill or injured while traveling out of the country, this policy will ensure you will be treated, stabilized and flown back to the United States.

We’ve all heard horror stories about airlines losing traveler’s baggage and vacationers having to run out to purchase essentials while they wait, sometimes a long time, for their bags to arrive. Avoid this when you rent one of Aruba’s beach villas. Baggage insurance covers you should your bags become lost, damaged, delayed or even stolen.

You can also research non-refundable insurance. In the event that you’ve purchased a non-refundable airline ticket, but then can’t use it, this can prevent you from paying expensive airline change fees.

There is even golf travel insurance and adventure/extreme sports travel insurance. Golf insurance can cover equipment loss or delay, or fee refunds. Many basic travel insurance plans have limits when considering adventure travel, which is where adventure insurance comes in. If you’re planning scuba excursions, mountain climbing or other adventure/extreme sports while on vacation, consider looking in to a third party insurer who will cover you.

“Just as with anything, when making the final decision about whether or not to purchase additional insurance, weigh the cost of the trip versus the cost of the policy,” says Smillie. “Always do your research and find a reputable company before purchasing insurance. Read the policy carefully to be sure everything you are expecting to be covered actually will be covered.”

With a little careful planning and research before leaving for your trip, you can ensure that no matter what might happen while you’re away, you’ll be taken care of.

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How to Properly Stock Your Vacation Rental

Aruba – Once you’ve made the decision to offer your Aruba villa for rent, it’s important to know how the home should be stocked to properly appeal to potential guests. The experts at Aruba Villa Vacation Homes can not only help you get your home ready, but also help you find the perfect guests to visit your Aruba vacation rental.

“Our staff are experts at helping visitors find the perfect Aruba rentals for their stay,” says Matthew Smillie, owner of Aruba Villa Vacation Homes. “And part of that is helping the homeowners have their homes properly stocked and taken care of to appeal to potential visitors.”

Smillie offers the following tips for homeowners.

  • The inside of the home should have plain colored walls.
  • Blinds often give a cleaner look to the interior of a home than curtains.
  • Linens on the beds should be plain and look new. Avoid patterns.
  • Bathrooms and kitchen should be modern looking with newer fixtures and fittings.

In addition, the home should be well stocked so that guests have everything they need for a comfortable stay. A big advantage to booking a rental home is the feeling of being at home, even while being on vacation. To achieve that, homeowners should make sure they have everything guests could want, from the proper number of towels and dishes, to Internet access.

Aruba Villa Vacation Homes suggests the following as a rule of thumb.

  • 3 towels per guest
  • 1 beach towel per guest
  • 2 sets of bed linens and 2 pillows per guest
  • 3 kitchen towels per guest
  • 3 knives, forks and spoons per guest
  • 2 wineglasses per guest
  • 3 standard drinking glasses per guest
  • 2 mugs per guest
  • At least 1 tin opener, 1 bottle opener, 1 kettle, 1 corkscrew and a set of cooking utensils, Knife set, pots & pans, coffee percolator, etc.

“To guarantee your home gets rented again and again, you have to offer all the comforts of home to potential guests,” says Smillie, who prides himself on helping visitors find the ideal Aruba accommodation. “Be sure your home has wireless Internet capabilities, at least one television, and enough seating for the occupancy of the home. Keep your home well maintained and clean between visitors, and ensure all appliances, air conditioning units, etc. are properly taken care of.”

Other important things to have on hand or install in your home before offering it for rent are:

  • Be sure you have enough comfortable outdoor seating for the occupancy of the home.
  • Have at least one safe that can be accessed by code
  • Be sure the home has proper locks and install an alarm system.
  • Have at least 4 front door keys available.
  • Have an iron and ironing board on hand.
  • Be sure each bedroom and bathroom has blinds or curtains.
  • Every bedroom should have adequate closet or wardrobe space.
  • If you allow smoking outside, be sure you have adequate ash trays.

When in doubt, call Smillie and his team at Aruba Villa Vacation Homes or visit their website. They can work with you to be sure your home has everything it will need to attract renters and keep them coming back again and again.

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Tips for Traveling with Children

Aruba – You may think planning a vacation with your family to an international destination is stressful, but it doesn’t have to be that way. According to accommodation expert Matthew Smillie, following a few simple tips can make traveling anywhere with your children a breeze.

“Traveling as a family, especially to international destinations, can be rewarding and offer your children beautiful memories,” says Smillie, whose company Aruba Villa Vacation Homes offers beach rentals for every type of traveler. “With a bit of planning ahead of time, that trip can also be as stress-free as possible for the parents, allowing them to relax and soak up the sun and memories.”

Before you go
Before you book your travel, be sure you choose a destination that offers plenty of activities for children. Not only can you plan your dream vacation with one of the many Aruba rentals, the island of Aruba also offers plenty of exciting destinations for children to enjoy. From its beautiful and pristine beaches, to snorkeling excursions, to visiting museums, gardens and even activities like horseback riding, Aruba offers something for every member of the family.

Check to be sure passports, vaccinations, etc. are all up to date. Be sure each of your children, and the parents, have valid passports that allow travel to Aruba. Before leaving, it is also a good idea to be sure vaccinations are current for your children, and that you have fresh refills for any prescription medication you may need. Aruba offers excellent hospitals and health clinics, however, pharmacies will not be able to refill American prescriptions. Be sure you have enough to last your entire vacation.

Before leaving home, call your health insurance company to ensure you’ll be covered should an accident or illness happen while you are away from home. You may be able to purchase additional travel health insurance if your carrier does not provide for it in your standard plan.

What to plan for
When choosing your destination, it is important to choose one that offers plenty of excitement for your children. But it is also important to choose a housing option that offers comfort and activities.

“Many families look at beach villas in Aruba when traveling,” says Smillie. “Homes, condos and villas offer all the amenities and comforts of home. With actual bedrooms, they allow children to settle in. Parents love renting vacation homes because they offer private kitchens that allow the family to cook many meals, rather than have to incur the expenses of eating out every meal.”

There are some things to look for when searching for the right rental home, however. Choose a home that offers plenty of room for the family, and is close to the activities your family is interested in.

Look not just at the number of bedrooms, but the number of people the home can sleep. Many rental homes maximize space by having bunk beds or two twin beds in bedrooms, or having sleeper sofas. Working with a reputable rental company, such as Aruba Villa Vacation Home, can ensure your family has enough space to stretch out, but hat the home you choose is also near the activities your family plans to take part in.

Check out the home’s amenities before booking. Many private homes also have private pools, which can be a huge bonus when traveling with children. Ask also about things such as televisions, access to Wi-Fi, etc.

Many homes may also offer the comforts small children need, allowing for the parents to pack a little lighter. Check to see if the home or rental company you are using can offer things such as high chairs, cribs or even strollers so that you won’t need to carry everything from your home.

Other tips to remember when traveling include:

    • Pack snacks for your children for the plane/car ride. Purchasing snacks in the airport or on the plane can be pricey, so pack your own snacks from home to save a bit of money.
    • Pack plenty of activities to keep children entertained during travel. Travel DVD players with your children’s favorite movies, coloring activities, books for older children, games for children to play together, etc. Pack anything you think will keep your children from getting bored during a long day of travel.
    • Encourage your children to get plenty of rest before leaving home. Traveling is exciting and children may be too ramped up to get proper rest. Encourage them to be in bed at an early hour to prevent them from being overtired on the day of travel.
    • Pack any necessary items, such as over-the-counter or prescription medications, in a carry-on bag, as well as a change of clothes for each member of the family. That way, if baggage gets lost along the way, family members will still have their essential items with them.

Once you’ve reached your destination
Once you’ve safely reached your destination, relax! Working with an expert travel company such as Aruba Villa Vacation Homes can help ensure everything is in order for your family vacation. Their experts can arrange travel to and from the airport, have a rental car waiting at your home, arrange excursions and dinner reservations, and even have your kitchen and pantry fully stocked upon your arrival. That means all your family has to do is relax, soak up the sun and enjoy yourselves. To learn more about Aruba Villa Vacation Rental Services, visit this page.

With a little bit of careful planning, traveling as a family can be a snap.

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Aruba Villa Vacation Homes Wins Award from FlipKey

Aruba – Every year, travel websites FlipKey and TripAdvisor recognize leading vacation rental managers. This year, Aruba Villa Vacation Homes was recognized as one of their most outstanding companies.

“We are so honored to receive this recognition,” says Matthew Smillie, owner of the company. “Everyone on our team works diligently to provide the best service to the customers who rent the many beach villas we offer in Aruba. This award shows that all of our hard work has been noticed in the industry.”

The exclusive award is given to outstanding vacation rentals and is based on reviews from previous guests. The award recognizes the effort that Aruba Villa Vacation Homes puts into maintaining their villas for rent and the excellent customer service they provide the travelers who use their homes, condos and apartments.

What sets Aruba Villa Vacation Homes apart from their competitors is the company’s desire to not just meet, but exceed every customer’s expectations. Each home in the company’s care is expertly maintained. Homes are kept immaculately clean, both inside and out, and are always ready for their next guests.

But the company’s experts don’t stop there. Not only do they have a vacation rental for every type of traveler, many are located either directly on the beach or just a short walk away. Many homes have private pools, and all the homes have private kitchens, allowing travelers to cook their own meals.

The Aruba Villa Vacation Homes team caters to every need of their visitors. Are you looking to plan the perfect Aruba golf vacation? Their experts can ensure your home is close to the links and even schedule your tee times. No matter how large or small your request, their team will be sure to meet it. They can schedule dinner reservations, spa visits and excursions for the family.

The team will arrange travel to and from the airport, and can even have a rental car waiting at your rental home. If requested, they will even have your home’s kitchen fully stocked with your family’s favorite foods upon your arrival.

Every Aruba accommodation they operate has a member of the team waiting for the traveler upon their arrival. The team member will show the travelers the ins and outs of their specific rental, and provide important contact information and local information. And a member of Aruba Villa Vacation Homes is always on call to answer questions or help if a problem should arise.

For these reasons, and many more, Aruba Villa Vacation Homes is one of the best vacation rental companies. And now they have the badge of excellence from FlipKey and TripAdvisor to prove it.

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